The Annual Conference of the AFI will open a discussion about the current situation of the Czech economy and the support of investment

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On Tuesday, September 6, the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) is organizing the Annual Conference of the AFI on the premises of the Czech National Bank, which will open and evaluate key topics related to the current state of the economy and investment support. During the conference, prominent experts of the Czech economy will perform, such as Eva Zamrazilová (ČNB), Libuše Šmuclerová (CNC News), Tomáš Budník (Thein), Tomáš Kopečný (Ministry of Defense), David Navrátil (Česká spořitelna), René Neděla (MPO), Miroslav Singer (Generali), Pavel Sovička (Panattoni), Milan Šlapák (GE Aviation Turboprop), Pavel Řežábek (ČEZ), Jakub Tobola (Veolia Energy) and others. After the official part of the conference, the "AFI Prize for Long-Term Benefit to the Investment Environment of the Czech Republic, the AFI Prize for Significant Contribution in the Field of Investment and the award for the „Innovative Idea of the Year“ awarded under the auspices of CzechInvest. You can find the complete program here.

"For the past year, we have been following the dynamic development of not only the Czech but also the world economy and the arrival of trends that follow up on from the events that have taken place in recent years. On the one hand, we are watching the transformation of business planning and new opportunities, on the other hand, the change in the economic environment and entire national economic and security strategies, to which the business sector must respond. This year, again on the occasion of the Annual Conference, we conducted an extensive survey of Czech and foreign companies focused on their investment plans, pitfalls and opportunities brought by decarbonization and energy transformation, but we also asked about the current economic situation brought about by the war in Ukraine. We will present the conclusions of this survey and the outputs of the conference to representatives of the government and individual ministries," says Kamil Blažek, chairman of the Association for Foreign Investments - AFI.

Among others, speakers will discuss a structural changes to heal the economy; changes in the labour demand and labour market; reinvestments in the Czech Republic; the Green Deal and carbon neutrality; sustainable financing or the perception of risks and their solutions, in four blocks, which will be moderated by Michala Hergetová:

  • The Position of the Czech Republic in the Global Economy
  • The Czechia as a Safe Country for Investments
  • Winners and Losers of the Energy Transition: What Can We Expect?
  • Trends in 2022&2023: What Will the New Reality Look like?

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