Czech Business Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide newly incoming and existing businesses with comprehensive information about investing in the Czech Republic. The authors of the individual articles come mostly from the ranks of AFI members and are leading experts in their respective fields.

The guide with full content you can visit here:

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I want to recieve 120 pages of information about Czechia



What kind of information you can find in here:

  • Political system of the Czech Republic

  • Myths and misconceptions about the Czech Republic

  • Regions of the Czech Republic

  • Foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic, developments and trends

  • Benchmarking of the Czech Republic in the V4 context

  • Six main things to do first

  • Finance your investment

  • Look into R&D

  • Get more information about properties

  • Handle the permit and construction processes

  • Hire people

  • Find out more about taxes

  • Interested in M&A

  • Top sectors for investment

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