Survey: Improvement of the Business Environment 2021 - complete results

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Several weeks ago the AFI conducted an extensive survey with the aim of obtaining representative results consisting in opinions on current trends and problems, including their solutions. We approached more than 1,100 companies – both foreign and Czech investors. The response was very good – we were very pleased that 182 companies, i.e. nearly 17% of those surveyed, participated.

The survey’s conclusions are both representative and very interesting. Therefore, we are compiling the complete results and I would like to alert you to the most important points here:

  • The biggest short-term problem: a critical shortage of labour and the necessity of taking a more flexible approach to bringing workers into the country from selected foreign markets.
  • The necessity of investing in the qualifications of employees, particularly in digitalisation and robotisation.
  • The biggest medium-term problem: the Green Deal and decarbonisation: there is neither consensus nor a uniform approach to these issues and a large percentage of companies are fumbling around in the dark in this area.
  • Major deficiency: lack of communication and cooperation with municipalities.
  • Most companies anticipate or are planning massive investments in modernisation.

What’s next? We want to analyse the results and the needs of companies also at the regional level and we want to initiate a dialogue with the public sphere, primarily at the regional level. We are preparing the first roundtable discussion with investors and the public administration for November in the Central Bohemia Region and we will gradually continue onward from there.

We will communicate with the new government regarding a number of the survey’s conclusions and we believe the government will be open and amenable to our proposals.

And we will be pleased to receive any feedback you may have on the results, as well as on the next steps to be taken.

Complete survey results you can find here:  AFI survey 2021_complete results 

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