Thursday, October 5, 2023

Generations X, Y and Z meet in the workplace. What characterises the employees born in each decade and what challenges, enrichment, but also and possible conflicts does their cooperation bring? How are the demands of the labour market and the HR department's approach to recruitment and internal communication changing? What is mediation, in which cases and how can it be used effectively not only in the workplace but also in business relationships?

These topics will be discussed at the ongoing HR Points, organized by CzechInvest in cooperation with AFI from 3 October to 22 November 2023 throughout the Czech Republic. HR companies Manuvia and HumanSense as well as a number of major investors from the Czech Republic have accepted the invitation to present interesting case studies and share their experience. We would like to thank all the participants.

Registration for HR Points is still possible via the registration form on the CzechInvest website.

Are you X, Y or Z?

Generation X, or Boomers, ranges in vintage from 1965-1980 and are also called "Husák's children". It is a generation shaping the current events in the world, growing up in an analogue world, characterized by performance orientation, responsibility, adaptability. Generation Y, the Millennials, were born between 1981 and 2000 and their generation is already characterised by a global mindset, they have already used the internet extensively during their adolescence, they are flexible and ready for lifelong learning, they are result-oriented. The youngest Generation Z, or Snowflakes, are those born in 2001 and younger, who have already grown up in a fully digital world, are at home on social media, are seeking work-life balance, and are ready to make important decisions in a short amount of time.

What changes, which are also related to the entry of Generation Z into the labour market, do HR professionals perceive?

Employee turnover is increasing, especially among Generation Z, for whom there is also a noticeable demand for multitasking in the sense of working on multiple projects or for multiple employers at the same time. This is also linked to more frequent demands for flexible working hours, working from home or part-time work, which is common in the EU at 30% of the time, while in the Czech Republic we are at 10%.

Different mind sets, attitudes to work and personal life, working style, expectations of results, career progression, etc. can create conflict situations between generations, colleagues, bosses and subordinates in the workplace. It is therefore relevant to pay sufficient attention to this area, or to use the services of specialised recruitment agencies not only for recruiting employees, but also for taking care of the company culture or for training management in this intersocial area.

To settle conflicts not only in interpersonal, but also in business relations, a mediator can effectively help, whose task is to independently and discreetly mediate the space for communication between the parties and to work towards a common consensus of both parties.

In just 2 years' time, Generation Z will make up a third of the workforce and the issue will increasingly resonate.

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