AFI awards this year went to Kvados and Nebesys, Hanák awarded for his long-standing contribution

Friday, September 8, 2023

Prague, September 8, 2023 - The winners of this year's AFI Awards were Kvados and Nebesys. The award for long-term contribution to the investment environment went to Jaroslav Hanák. The AFI Awards are presented by the Association for Foreign Investment - AFI to recognize companies and individuals for their courage to innovate, introduce new technologies and practices while thinking long-term.


"This year we have seen very strong nominations that show the commitment of companies to invest and find new solutions. Green technologies and projects in the field of automation and robotics have a significant representation in the submitted projects," says Kamil Blažek, Chairman of AFI.

The AFI Award for Oustanding Achievement in Investment went to the Czech company Kvados for its autonomous robot supported by a private 5G network and the use of artificial intelligence. The company develops software and implements complex solutions for optimizing business processes, mainly in the field of intralogistics. The jury praised its ability to bring solutions also to small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage for an affordable upfront investment and to replace the often-missing workforce with automation.

The AFI Award for Innovative Idea of the Year, which the association awards in cooperation with the CzechInvest agency, went to the Czech company Nebesys. It has developed the world's first system that can transform a sloping roof into a compact transparent surface with panoramic views and superior interior lighting. The system is indistinguishable from conventional roofs and is therefore also suitable for conservation areas. The jury was impressed by the innovativeness of the patented solution, which is also technically very mature and sophisticated.

The AFI Award for long-term contribution to the Investment Environment in the Czech Republic went to Jaroslav Hanák. The jury appreciated his more than ten years of service as president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, head of the Confederation of Transport of the Czech Republic and other industry organizations, where he actively contributed to the development of the business environment in the Czech Republic.

"The aim of the AFI Awards is to recognise activities and projects characterised by a high degree of innovation, either carried out in the Czech Republic or, originating from the Czech Republic, implemented abroad. The intention is also to highlight important personalities who have contributed to the development of the Czech investment environment. And this year we have really succeeded in doing that," says Kamil Blažek.

A number of important players of Czech and foreign origin have received awards in recent years. Last year it was Ondřej Vlček and the companies onsemi and Cyrkl.

The Association for Foreign Investment - AFI is an organisation that promotes investment and investors in the Czech Republic and moderates public debate on the topic of business and investment.


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