Traditional Stammtisch meeting with U.S. Ambassador


Friday, June 10, 2022

The Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) held its traditional Stammtisch meeting at the restaurant V Zátiší on Friday, 10 June 2022. This time, the Ambassador of the United States of America in the Czech Republic, Michael J. Dodman, accepted an invitation to the event. His participation was very important for the AFI, which was evident in the presence of several honorary members of the AFI, as well as in the participation of representatives of AFI partner and member companies, including representatives of CzechInvest.

In his remarks, Ambassador Dodman explained his relationship to Europe, mentioning the countries where he had worked in the past and why he is so fond of working in the Czech Republic. He recalled and highlighted Václav Havel’s importance to him personally, as well as to the Czech Republic. With respect to strategic issues, he not only presented relations with the United States in terms of investment and the economic situation in the Czech Republic and the US, but also spoke in great detail about other topical issues such as the war in Ukraine and its impact not only on the world economy. He also expressed appreciation for CzechInvest’s key contribution to trade and investment processes and relations between the Czech Republic and the United States.

In the course of the discussion, which was moderated by AFI Chairman Kamil Blažek, several other key issues were raised, including less pleasant topics such as the labour shortage and lack of properties and land. The discussion focusing on the area of investment was enriched by Christina Sharkey of the US Embassy, who is a professional in the area of international business development. She spoke about investors from the perspective of decision-making on the placement of investment in Europe and explained other issues related to the topics of energy and the labour shortage.

We would like to thank the guests for accepting our invitation, all attendees for their presence at the event, and our supporting partner, the restaurant V Zátiší, for its great hospitality and service.


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