Thein Consulting and Thein Investment Group

We are an investment group founded by technology expert and investor Tomáš Budník. We focus on the development of technology companies in sectors of lCT, cybersecurity and Industry 4.0. Our group consists of 2 parts ICT part covered by fund J&T Thein SICAV, Digital sub-fund, and Industry part covered by fund THEIN Private Equity SICAV, Industry sub-fund.

Thein ICT

Our companies reflect our values and vision to drive forward the digital economy and digital transformation for our customers. Our portfolio includes companies in ICT and cybersecurity, as well as new projects such as the provision of private 5G networks.

Companies in the ICT part

  • Thein Security comprehensive services and advanced technology solutions related to the protection of companies in cyberspace, including a SOC security monitoring centre.
  • Thein Digital ICT infrastructure delivery including advanced cloud services, enterprise architecture, DevOps, Kubernetes and ESG reporting tools, Amazon Web Services Select partner.
  • Thein Systems delivery of IT solutions for medium and large companies, healthcare facilities and government institutions, network infrastructure development, data processing, network management, electronic equipment design, IT consulting.
  • iBusiness Thein  – authorized Apple B2B Re-seller (iBusiness Thein brand) offering Apple warranty and post-warranty service for corporate customers
  • Aitcom  provider of comprehensive services in the field of IT infrastructure and end devices, supplier of advanced IT services for major companies
  • Cross Network Intelligence provider of sophisticated network inventory and OSS optimization platform, partner in building and monitoring telecom networks for mobile operators.

Thein Industry

We are building a strong industry group to promote digital transformation and the use of new technologies in the engineering industry. We carefully select companies in traditional engineering withcourage and potential to transform the industry. The unique synergy of these companies within our group creates unique business opportunities based on the new trends of Industry 4.0 and takes business to the next level towards the future.

Companies in the Industry part

  • Ponec  a manufacturing company focusing primarily on the custom manufacturing of machine parts by metal chip machining and the production of assemblies.
  • Železniční dodavatelskáone of the most important private suppliers of spare parts needed to maintain and repair railway rolling stock.
  • COTRING a manufacturing company specializing in the production of stainless-steelcomponents and complex weldments for rail vehicles, an area with high demands on precision and perfect weld quality.
  • LOKORENT Services providing long-term locomotive rental in the Czech Republic and Europe, the company has recently entered the Polish market and has further development projects planned.
  • Hydrogenic Technology providing hydrogen technology used in rail and road transport and other hydrogen applications.
  • Thein Innovations a new development project of the Thein Group supporting Thein Industry activities with a vision to link science and research with the commercial sphere, which can use the results in practice.
  • Top Alulit – Complex production of aluminum castings in the highest quality.


  • IT & Data Infrastructure
  • M&A / Investment opportunities
  • Facility Management


Contact details 
Thein Operations s.r.o. 
Enterprise Building 
Pikrtova 1737/1a 
140 00 Prague 4 – Nusle
Main contact persons
Thein ICT:
Jana Studničková
CEO iBusiness Thein
Thein Industry:
Zuzana Přenosilová
Marketing manager Thein Industry


Services provided

  • M&A / Investment opportunities
  • IT & Data Infrastructure
  • Facility Management
  • Industrial Production Outsourcing Consultancy


  • Thein Private Equity SICAV a.s.
  • J&T Thein SICAV a.s.
  • Arthur D. Little Austria GmbH
  • Allot Ltd. (Israel)
  • Česká spořitelna
  • Komerční banka
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