The state is hesitant to support foreign workers. We will lose billions for millions - commentary by Gabriela Hrbáčková for

Tuesday, July 4, 2023


The government is deciding whether to extend a program that provides an agenda around the recruitment of specialists from abroad. The Finance Ministry is against it. Businesses are scared. Economic migration is profitable for them and for the state.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is determined to save as much as possible. Even where it does not make economic sense. At Wednesday's cabinet meeting on the continuation of economic migration programmes, under which a team of officials ensures the arrival of qualified foreigners on the Czech labour market, it is prepared to vote against this proposal from the Interior Ministry.

"Czech companies are short of about 200,000 employees. And instead of simplifying and speeding up their supply, which has a significant multiplier effect in terms of the whole economy, we are going to stop funding the officials who ensure this and whose administration costs a fraction of these benefits? It makes no sense," says Gabriela Hrbáčková, vice-chair of the AFI steering committee.

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