Selfish Kiwi is a community of senior professionals in HR, applied psychology and behavioural economics. We help clients gain competitive advantage, achieve goals and solve problems in areas where the outcome depends primarily on the motivation, communication and good decision making of their people.

All of our consultants have 15+ years of experience as consultants and in leadership roles in organizations.  We approach client projects creatively and professionally, with an appropriate amount of humor to keep us all entertained.  We have implemented successful transformation projects and assignments focused on merging corporate cultures, leadership development, strengthening teamwork or talent management in the Czech Republic, as well as in other EU countries, the USA and Asia. 

We educate organizations, train and coach teams and their leaders to gain the know-how, skills or confidence to succeed in a changing world.

Why Selfish Kiwi?

  • We are experts in psychology, communication and human behavior. We have the know-how that others don't.
  • We dedicate ourselves to projects that are meaningful and produce measurable results for the client.
  • We are convinced that we will make you earn more and be more successful. We're ready to prove it.
  • We're fun and we like you!

Which areas do we specialize in?

  • Talent and management programs
  • Leadership development and empowerment projects
  • Promoting teamwork
  • Psychological health and safety
  • Online educational database - moleKule

Services provided:

  • HR consulting
  • Solutions for complex development programs
  • Trainings, workshops, inspirational lectures and educational videos
Selfish Kiwi s.r.o.
U železné lávky 557/6
Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1
Zita Václavíková
Business Development Director
+420 775 695 459

Services provided

  • Personnel Services and recruitment


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