Kamil Blažek comments on the Czech investment environment for the USA Today

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Czech Republic as an forward-thinking central European powerhouse committed to Innovation. This is how our country is presented in a story by USA Today, in their supplement Business Focus.

“We are very future-orientated and are currently supporting numerous areas that are still being developed. This covers industries such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and space-related ventures, which all require investment in order to grow,” comments @Kamil Blazek, AFI chairman.

Ranked in the top quarter of the global Ease of Doing Business index, the AFI is working to further enhance the business environment for foreign investors and is hoping to attract more interest from the US. 

“We like to stress that Czech legislation is extremely similar to major players in the rest of Europe such as Germany, Spain and France. That means you get the same level of protection as other western European jurisdictions. In fact, I am in no way hesitant to compare the Czech Republic to Scandinavia or other powerful European countries.”

For more details see the full story.

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