October 23, October 31, November 5, 2019

Brno, Pilsen, Pardubice

Association for Foreign Investment – AFI together with the CzechInvest Agency organised three seminars under the CzechLink project in the cities of Brno on 23 October, Plzeň on 31 October and Pardubice on 5 November. AFI was represented by its member companies ASB, Deloitte, Noerr and Weinhold Legal. Altogether 16 companies took part in the seminars.

The CzechLink project aims to facilitate merges and entry of capital to Czech firms. The project connects companies seeking for investors and investors who intend to allocate capital into domestic legal entity. This project brings contacts with potential investors to those companies owners who consider selling their enterprise as well as professional presentation based on which the investors gain elementary information on economic situation of the company and its position in the market.

The events hosted head representatives of firms who consider realisation of a demanding project investment-wise, selling their company or addressing foreign investors. The seminars covered the most important tax and legal aspects, e. g. what to be aware of during the process of selling, how to determine the price and the time frame well, myths on the entry of new investors and others.

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