The Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI) is a private sector think-tank for the Czech public infrastructure, uniting views held by major infrastructure players including engineers, contractors, banks and consultants.

ARI advocates for clear rules of planning, public procurement, and transparent contract administration in line with a proven good international practice. ARI also promotes alternative methods to procure and finance public infrastructure, which will allow for the Czech public infrastructure long-term sustainable development.

Cities 2022: Green, Smart, Resilient and Inclusive

The Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI) and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMOCR) promote modern solutions aimed at people for sustainable Czech cities and the possibilities of their financing from European, national and private sources in the years 2021–2027.

ARI and SMOCR are ready to improve and care for the quality of life in our cities and towns, where people can move comfortably, quickly and without restrictions, where energy is used efficiently, monitors air quality, where a smart system reduces drinking water distribution costs and wastewater treatment and where there is a harmonious relationship between satisfied inhabitants and nature.

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Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI)
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Tomas Janeba

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