We are the Czech market leader in the field of data centers and technological infrastructure for sustainable business growth in the digital century. From tailor-made design catering to the specific needs of the customer to construction and subsequent service support, we deliver advanced services covering the entire life cycle of products. Discover the new limitless era of digital infrastructure with us.

We know how important it is to keep critical applications permanently available, but also secure and as efficient as possible. That is why we bring advanced solutions with high added value to our customers.

With the largest team of data center experts and designers of highly efficient systems in the commercial and public sectors in the Czech Republic at our disposal, we have probably worked in your area as well. We develop unique products based on expert know-how and progressive technological solutions, unstoppably pushing the data world forward.

A number of important certifications enable us to implement the most demanding projects in accordance with strict international standards. Globally, we are one of the companies with the highest number of Uptime Institute certified employees. Be it  private companies, state administration bodies or military units of countries the world over, they all place their trust in us.


Our services

  • Consultancy services, audits and certification
  • Data centers design
  • Supply of power and cooling systems
  • Construction of complex data centers
  • Manufacture and supply of mobile data centers
  • Comprehensive tests and commissioning
  • Large capacity battery storage
  • Control systems for energy centers
  • Management, monitoring of data centers
  • Data center and critical infrastructure service




Altron CZ

Novodvorská 994/138,
Prague 4 142 00
Czech Republic

Tel.: (+420) 261 309 111


Main contact persons for the Czech Republic

Miloš Macúch EUR ENG
VP Strategy & Business Development
Member of the Board of Directors


Jovanka Uzelacová
Head Marketing Manager

Services provided

  • IT & Data Infrastructure
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