AFI memberst met with foreign representatives of CzechInvest

One-to-one meeting

29 2 2024


On Thursday, 29 February, AFI members met with foreign representatives of CzechInvest. Representatives of AFI member companies took part in speed dating meetings with representatives from eight foreign offices in the USA and Canada, Europe and Asia and in one hour they took a trip around the world.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss investment opportunities in selected territories and to establish or revive personal relationships. Among others, there were the new Director of Foreign Activities, Petr Kotrs; Matouš Kostlivý, representative of the newly established office in Taiwan; and Jiří Maňák, who will become the new representative in New York.

The event enjoyed a record number of attendees, participants mooved from one foreign representative to the next within the allotted times. The intensity of the conversations, reminiscent of the hum of a beehive, and the convivial atmosphere pointed to a successful and useful event. 

List of foreign offices:

  • USA San Francisco
  • USA New York
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Tchaj-wan (opening in the 1st half of 2024)
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