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  1. We are investigating an opportunity to implement a project in Czech Republic and we would like to learn more about construction costs. The projected location is the ____ region. Size of the structure would be 7,000 – 10,000 m2. Part of the space should be an industrial production area, with eight metres of vertical open space, nine-ton cranes and normal industrial floors. Part of the structure would comprise a warehouse area with fewer technical requirements. What would be your estimate for the price per square metre in such a case?
  2. What is the process of setting up a legal entity in the Czech Republic? What sort of documentation is needed and how long does the process take? What are the differences between limited liability (“s.r.o.”) and joint-stock (“a.s.”) companies? Is there any option of buying an existing company?
  3. Please present the tax policy and system in the Czech Republic in detail, such as value-added tax, income tax, imported equipment tax, imported material tax and export tax. Are there any other taxes? 
  4. We are considering relocating part of our production to the Czech Republic. 
    1. What are the permit processes for construction of a production facility and approximately how long does each phase take? 
    2. Is there an integrated national certification mark?
    3. What kinds of certifications are required when we import equipment?  
    4. What is the process for licensing chemical products and how long does it take?
  5. What are the key requirements when applying for a loan? How much can a company apply for in relation to the size of the company? What are the interest rates of long-term loans and short-term loans, respectively? 
  6. What is the estimated price of electricity with forecast consumption of 140,000 kWh per month?
  7. I am looking for a software outsourcing company.  This company hires the employees and then bills us for their time. We specialise in VPN service and online storage. Requirements are expertise in Android, iOS, Automation QA, Manual QA, Project Management, SCRUM, People Management and Architecture/Design, and at least three years professional experience with Java, Objective C, Cocoa, Python, Scala, Perl, C++.