How to participate in aid opportunities from 2021+


Tuesday, August 31, 2021


On Tuesday, 31 August, the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI), with support from the event partner Česká spořitelna, held an interactive webinar featuring a discussion on the topic of “Possibilities for your company to participate in aid opportunities in the period 2021+”. The webinar was the first ever organised by the AFI and focused particularly on the quality of the speakers and their benefits for attendees. Silvana Jirotková of the Ministry of Industry and Trade attended the event on behalf of the public administration and presented possibilities of state support. Aid-programme management and administration was represented by Vratislav Kubík of Erste Grantika Advisory (Česká spořitelna group), while Petr Skalický of S.A.B. Aerospace presented the implementation of a particular aid project from the perspective of an applicant. The event was hosted by Kamil Blažek, chairman of the Association for Foreign Investment.

The speakers gave their presentations in the first half of the webinar. In the introductory segment, Silvana Jirotková of the Ministry of Industry and Trade presented the National Recovery Plan together with its objectives and financial and time plans with focus particularly on energy, the circular economy, alternative transport, digitalisation, science, research and innovation. She concluded her appearance with an explanation of the relationship between the National Recovery Plan and other aid programmes.

The next speaker, Vratislav Kubík of Grantika, gave a presentation of current aid opportunities and provided an overview of the programmes for the period 2021+ and examples of possible projects and areas, as well as obstacles in the administration of aid. The first part of the webinar was concluded by Petr Skalický of S.A.B. Aerospace, who presented that company’s project with focus on the cost breakdown and the aid amount. He also explained the difficulty of project preparation and obstacles that arise in the course of implementation, as well as the final evaluation and vision for the future.

During the second part of the event, participants from the ranks of companies discussed grant opportunities and practical information on the process of obtaining aid. The event was attended by more than 60 people. Due to the success of the webinar, the AFI is planning its continuation with a different current topic.

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