Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela was the main guest of the AFI’s evening “Stammtisch” meeting


Thursday, July 28, 2022


On Thursday, 28 July 2022, the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) held its third Stammtisch meeting of this year on the premises of the V Zátiší restaurant, with Jozef Síkela, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, as the main guest. The event was well attended by members and partners of the AFI. The evening featured a discussion on topics that are currently causing ripples in both the Czech and global economies.

In his introductory remarks, Jozef Síkela summarised his experience in the financial sector both in the Czech Republic and abroad and also described his work in the financial sector in Ukraine, which he followed up on by addressing the war in Ukraine. He explained the functioning of the sanctions on Russia and the economic and industrial situation prevailing there. He also described the current war situation and conditions on the Ukrainian side and how the war could develop. He also included an economic perspective on Ukraine's investment opportunities.

The war also opened up the issue of energy, namely the storage of gas and securing supplies for the Czech Republic for the coming winter. The development of energy prices and their impact on the Czech economy was also discussed. Another topic was the Czech Republic’s presidency of the European Union, which greatly strengthened its European role among other states.

The issue of creating conditions for bringing foreign investments into the country and obtaining investment incentives took up the largest part of the discussion, during which facts were addressed from multiple perspectives, whether that involved the lack of industrial zones prepared for investors, the system of obtaining investment incentives in the Czech Republic, the employment of foreigners or new emerging fields that need to be supported in the Czech Republic.

The discussion, which was moderated by the chairman of the AFI, Kamil Blažek, was prolonged due to the asking of key questions, though the minister devoted an appropriate amount of time and his detailed knowledge to answering them.

We would like to thank the event’s special guest for accepting our invitation and all participants for their presence, as well as our supporting partner, V Zátiší restaurant, for the excellent dinner and service. We are already looking forward to the next meetings that await us before the end of the year.

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