Many new developments presented at the latest AFI Plenary Session

Plenary Session

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

On Tuesday, 14 June, a Plenary Session of the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) was held on the pleasant premises of Enviros’s villa in Vinohrady, where AFI members shared information on their individual activities, management and future plans.

Kamil Blažek, Chairman of the Association for Foreign Investment, opened the session by welcoming the participants and then summarised ongoing and planned activities, including those focused on investors’ interest in the Czech Republic and an overview of enquiries, as well as the events in which the AFI is actively involved. He further recalled the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the AFI’s establishment and mentioned PR and marketing activities, such as the launch of the website for investors at Blažek also discussed the Ukraine crisis and the related employment and residence of Ukrainian refugees, which is one of the topics about which the AFI is most vocal in the media.

CzechInvest was represented at the Plenary Session by Eva Jungmannová, who offered an assessment of investment projects in 2021 and described the current situation with respect to obtaining investment incentives, as well as cooperation between the AFI and CzechInvest.

The Plenary Session also included the approval of the financial statements, which were presented by Luděk Hanáček, and a discussion of the application of a new candidate for membership in the AFI, which was presented by Martin Dittrich. Based on a vote on the acceptance of the new member, ALTRON s.r.o. will join the ranks of AFI members as of 1 July 2022.

ALTRON has been the leader among suppliers of data centres and technological infrastructure for critical business applications on the Czech market for 30 years. The company focuses on the design, implementation and maintenance of delivered technological solutions. ALTRON also offers consulting services, formulation of studies and project documentation for all phases, and provision of comprehensive solutions for all types of data centres. The company also develops its own products on the basis of its experience with customers’ specific needs and requests. It operates in a broad range of sectors including telecommunications, energy, transportation and logistics, industry, banking, insurance, the state administration, the armed forces and state security agencies.

Other new developments include the co-option of a new member of the AFI Steering Committee, Tomáš Szilágyi, who holds the position of Associate Director in the investment department of the consulting firm Colliers International.

At the conclusion of the Plenary Session, individual members of working groups presented the strategies of sectoral groups in the areas of human resources, energy, investment incentives and the building code.

After the official part of the Plenary Session, the participants had the opportunity to discuss more than just work-related issues over excellent refreshments provided by the host, Enviros.

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