Korea wants Carbon neutrality by 2050


Thursday, May 13, 2021


Association for Foreign Investments took place on the Thursday 13th May favourite and regular online discussion called „Stammtisch“, this time with Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Czech Republic, Mr. Tae-Jin Kim, and with Mr. Gustav Slamečka, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Republic aof Korea. The main topic of the discussion was introduction of investment strategy and synergies between Korea and Czechia. Introductions of both Ambassadors were followed by presentation Byong Cheol Son from KOTRA agency (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and Michal Stroka, foreign representative of CzechInvest agency in Korea.

Korea and Czechia have many synergies. The main of them is tourism and Research & Development, which is in accordance with the Czech and Korean innovation strategy. Korean tourism is one of the three fastest growing in the Czech Republic. In 2019 more than 400,000 tourists visited Czechia.

The main goals of the Korean economy strategy are carbon neutrality by 2050, to maintain competitive economy and high levels of economic growth. Korea also introduced its new development strategy – New Deal, which consists of the mentioned carbon neutrality, economic growth and following pillars: strengthening of digital capacity of Korea in information and communication technologies (ICT), acceleration of transition to low-carbon and green economy, strengthening employment and social security, financing and evaluating of R&D, digital country, production and services, support of innovation and research centres, smart investment and infrastructure.

The Czech Republic will have occasions to introduce its research and innovation centres of energy sector in autumn 2021 in Seoul and Czech companies in the field of design and glass industry in October 2021. Other events, where Czechs could present their ideas are Exhibition InterBattery 2021 (9.6. - 11. 6. 2021) and „H2 Mobility + Energy Show“ (8.9 - 10. 9. 2021).

The online Stammtisch was held during lunch time with the Korean menu from the restaurant on the Ambassador recommendation.

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