CzechInvest Agency and AFI organized series of visa seminars

Visa seminars

October 5-14, 2021

CzechInvest Agency organized in cooperation with the Association for Foreign Investment and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic series of visa seminars which were held in four Czech and Moravian cities and one online seminar. These interactive lectures provide with an opportunity to share experiences and enable to discuss the current situation and the latest issues about employing foreign employees in the Czech Republic within participants and speakers.  

Speakers were focused on general visa issues as well as government visa programs for employers and their workers from outside the EU. The presentation of the Ministry of the Interior was focused on labour migration in the context of 2021. Members of the Association for Foreign Investment - Deloitte and Expat Support - shared practical experience with the visa agenda and outlined news brought by this year's amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners. Integration centres introduced the role of employers in the organization of compulsory adaptation-integration courses for foreigners.

Seminars were held in Prague (October 5), Ústí nad Labem (October 7), Ostrava (October 13) and Brno (October 14). The only English and at the same time, the last seminar was held online via Microsoft Teams. In total, approximately 150 participants attended these seminars.

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