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Friday, June 26, 2020

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On Monday, 15 June 2020, another protective measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic came into force; the measure stipulates the requirements for persons entering the Czech Republic.

Pursuant to the current protective measure, EU+ citizens (i.e. citizens of EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) and foreigners with long-term resident status may arrive in the Czech Republic without a negative Covid-19 test or other entry restrictions, but only from European countries (Russia is not considered) with a low risk of Covid-19 infection; as of 12 June, all European countries are considered low-risk countries by Czech epidemiologists, except for Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal and parts of Poland.

Czech citizens and foreigners with temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic can travel from European countries with a medium risk (currently only Belgium and the United Kingdom) without a test.

All persons travelling from European countries with a high risk of infection (now only Sweden, Portugal and the Silesia Province (Silesian Voivodeship) in Poland), including Czech Republic citizens and residents, must present a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival (or within 72 hours) or stay in quarantine.

The level of risk involved in travelling to/from individual European countries is indicated in the “Traffic-light” map published by the Ministry of Health (link here). The colors in the map indicate the severity of Covid-19 development in the given country. Safe countries are marked in green, countries with a medium risk of infection in orange and countries with a high risk of infection in red. The list of countries will be updated at weekly intervals according to the current epidemiological situation.

Arrival in the Czech Republic of other persons is further regulated by protective measures; persons other than EU citizens and foreigners with temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, and their family members, may only enter the Czech Republic in certain situations (e.g. tourists from non-EU countries are still not allowed) and, in most cases, with a negative test.

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