After 9 months, the AFI members met again in person at the AFI Plenary Session

Plenary Session AFI

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Grand Mark Prague hotel

On Tuesday, June 22, the Plenary Session of the Association for Foreign Investments took place in the outdoor premises of The Grand Mark Prague hotel, where AFI members were informed about individual activities, management and plans.

The participants were welcomed by Kamil Blažek, Chairman of the Association for Foreign Investments, who also summarized past and planned activities, including investor interest in the Czech Republic and demand overview, as well as events where AFI is actively involved, planned projects within business zones, strategies and operation of the Association and marketing and PR activities, including a new rebranding.

Veronika Kratochvílová spoke on behalf of the CzechInvest agency, evaluating investment projects for the first half of 2021 and analyzing joint activities of AFI and CzechInvest, including consultations on brownfield development, real estate database, business park development and joint domestic and foreign events.

The Plenary Session also included the approval of the 2020 financial statements presented by Luděk Hanáček and the discussion of new applications for candidates for AFI membership. Based on the vote, Expat Support and Human Sense became the new AFI members from July 1 2021.

Expat Support is a company operating in the field of immigration law and provides clients, mainly foreign companies operating in the Czech Republic, with services in all matters concerning foreign employment, mainly in the field of automotive. They are looking for suitable candidates for various positions and then they handle all residence matters for future employees. Another new member is the personnel consulting company Human Sense s.r.o., which is exclusively focused on the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. They collaborate on specialized projects related to the fields of bio pharmacy, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and medical devices.

The representatives of AFI members also agreed to change the Statutes, among others the number of Vice-Chairmen from the current three to four. Blake Wittman, the delegated Vice-President, is thus officially Vice-President of the AFI.

Finally, the individual members of the working groups presented the strategy of the branch groups in the areas of human resources, energy, investment incentives and the Building Act.

After a long-isolated break, everyone received the personal meeting very positively, and after finishing the main part, they still discussed not only work topics over a glass of good wine.

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