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Technology transfer and applied research

It is a fact that modern economies and their success are based on the competitiveness of industry and industrial research. The Czech Republic has always had a strong industrial tradition and a substantial innovation potential. Apart from strong capacities in basic research, at least the same attention ought to be paid to successful transfer of technologies from scientific institutions to the market. Current projects indicate a favorable trend in the area of cooperation between universities, research institutes and companies leading to innovations. This cooperation is a prerequisite for a prosperous industrial economy and it improves awareness of top-quality Czech technologies abroad.


The Association for Foreign Investment and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic annually recognise the best cooperative projects conducted by companies and the research sphere. Such an event is known as the Best Cooperation of the Year. Entrants are usually projects from traditionally strong sectors of the Czech economy, such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, biotechnology, IT, electronics, nanotechnology, optics or aviation, moreover, we register the participation of almost all major Czech universities. 


We constantly strive to raise awareness of successful examples of the practical application of scientific findings in the business realm and to encourage such cooperation in the future. Cooperating entities are inclined to build on successful projects and, to benefit from long-term synergistic effects of mutual cooperation.


The symbiosis of ideas from general basic research with applied research based on contact with industry and awareness of the needs of the market leads to success. The Automotive industry could be a good example. Not only it developed a network of production facilities, it also expanded it’s know-how through the activities of the research departments of manufacturers and independent branches of research and engineering service companies. Therefore, this sector is very successful here. The government systematically improves the environment and framework facilitating interaction between private and research sectors.


Examples of participating projects

Masaryk Univerzity / Faculty of Science /  Department of Physical Electronics

TONAK a.s.

Development of economical and ecological technology to improve feltiness of rabit fibres

CTU in Prague / Faculty of Mechanical engineering/ResearchCenter of Manufacturing Technology


TOS Varnsdorf

Mechatronic concept of horizontal machines

Brno University of Technology / Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR, v. v. i.

TESCAN, a.s.

Multimode holografic microskope

CTU in Prague


Kinetic threaded mechanism

Brno University of Technology

AtomTrace, s.r.o., Tescan Brno, s.r.o.

Development of Sci-Trace machine for  protozoon analyses of materials by spectometry techinque with induced microplasm laser

Pardubice Univerzity / Faculty of Chemical Technology

PARDAM s.r.o.

A way of production of submicron crystalline and amorphous silicon dioxide fibres and submicron crystalline and amorphous silicon dioxide fibres produced this way